The Christmas Sushi Experiment

For the past seven or so years, every now and then I would stumble upon a list I made for myself in an old notebook. The list contained ideas for maki on the theme of “Canadian” sushi using such ingredients as grilled salmon, green asparagus, and roasted sweet potato mixed into the rice.

Long after everything else in the notebook lost meaning, I still kept the notebook around for that list. When I was packing to move out of my beloved apartment on Torstraße, I found the notebook again; I pulled that one page out of the it, then threw it away. I tucked the folded-up page in my wallet.

Try this: Italian-style Swiss chard

This recipe for Italian-style Swiss chard doesn’t sound like anything special, but I’ve been craving it ever since I made it a couple of days ago. And yes, you do really need to cook it that long.

Fancy brussels sprout pasta

KIRK: What’s for dinner?
ME: Pasta with brussels sprouts
ME: Or would you rather have something else?
KIRK: Nooo… Could you maybe bacon it up a little?

Rethinking quinoa

An article from The Guardian about why quinoa (and soy and Peruvian asparagus) may not be so great.

Spicy black bean burgers

Around here we regularly eat hummus sandwiches and I’m always looking for new ways to introduce more beans into our diet.

Mashed potato failure

There’s nothing easier than mashed potatoes.

In Berlin, all potatoes are labelled as either mehlig (floury/mealy/starchy) or festkochend (waxy/firm). No guesswork needed, no excuse for messing this up.

Powdered lemon peel

I saw some powered lemon peel at the spice stand at the market this past weekend. I bought it on a whim. They also had orange peel. I had seen some at a Christmas market in Nürnberg when we were there but stopped myself from buying it: it’s a super-fine powder that I had no idea how to use.

I also bought chili flakes. Shall I attempt cayenne ginger tea next?

Thomas Jefferson, Urban Farmer

From Brain Pickings, one of my new favourite blogs/interestingness-aggregators, a list of 5 favourite food books for 2012. All of them do sound good, but the Thomas Jefferson one interests me the most.

Butternut lasagna

Today, the last day of daylight savings time, was the coldest day of the fall so far. Perfect for staying in and trying out the recipe for Vegetable Lasagna with Butternut Béchamel I came across earlier this week.

Kick-ass Kohlrouladen

I wasn’t planning on writing another post today but I found a recipe that was so good I just had to share. When I asked what I should make for supper tonight, the answer I got was some song about “gołąbki.” Sounded good to me, and I figured I already had all, or at least most, of the ingredients–tomatoes and onions from the garden, a cabbage from my CSA share, ground beef in the freezer. I just needed a recipe. Epicurious came through once again, and I used this one for Sweet and Sour Stuffed Cabbage Rolls.