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Banh mi at home

Recently, Kristin and Sebastian gave me an all-things-banh-mi cookbook titled The Banh Mi Handbook. For me, it turned out to be the perfect sort of gift; something you never knew you wanted, but turn out to love. Flipping through, it was clear how all the individual components were perfectly manageable, and most could be made ahead. […]

10 kilos of chicken wings

Leave it to me to impulse purchase 10kg of chicken wings. Do you want to know what 10kg of chicken wings looks like? It looks like this:

Roasted chicken and vegetables with croutons

I have perfected roasted chicken and vegetables. A favourite weeknight fall and winter meal of mine is roasting a couple chicken legs, separated at the joint for even cooking, with chunky cut vegetables. I started making this combination for myself sometime during university, after I learned to make Oven BBQ Chicken from the Joy of […]

The Christmas Sushi Experiment

For the past seven or so years, every now and then I would stumble upon a list I made for myself in an old notebook. The list contained ideas for maki on the theme of “Canadian” sushi using such ingredients as grilled salmon, green asparagus, and roasted sweet potato mixed into the rice. Long after […]

Powdered lemon peel

I saw some powered lemon peel at the spice stand at the market this past weekend. I bought it on a whim. They also had orange peel. I had seen some at a Christmas market in Nürnberg when we were there but stopped myself from buying it: it’s a super-fine powder that I had no […]

Enjoying booze on a picnic blanket

I don’t have a yard or even a small balcony, but I’ve found a way to enjoy self-made cocktails outdoors: I bought a wide-mouth thermos for ice, plastic rock glasses and a paring knife in a plastic sheath. I am now outfitted to have cocktail picnics!

Toronto-style chicken

Step one: Buy a half of a rotisserie chicken from the local döner hut, also known as a “half chicken”. For only 40 cents extra, it comes with an actually tasty salad, so get that too. Step two: Reach for your jar of imported St Lawrence Market Churrasco Chicken Sauce. This might be hard to […]

Vegan Black Metal Chef

This video speaks for itself, I think.

Whole roasted fish

Roasting a whole fish is so easy and so tasty, I have no idea why I do it so rarely. Actually I do. Fish is a buy-same-day-you-cook-it food, and I only ever have such a chance on a Saturday, and lots of Saturdays I have evening plans that involve not being home.

Watermelon cocktails

Step 1: Impulse-buy a juicy and red quarter of a watermelon.